︎ • The influence of crack cocaïne in the early eighties - 2013

A screenprint (A3) inspired by the documentary 'Planet Rock: The story of Hiphop and the Crack Generation' by VH1. 

A good documentary about the rise of hiphop and (the influence of) crack cocaïne in the early eighties.

In this documentary, the rapper Too Short quotes: 'crack basically funded hiphop' - an interesting summary on drugs and hiphop and their (former) dependence on each other.

I printed the quote on mirrored paper, cocaïne and mirrors pretty much go hand in hand.

To give this print some extra flavour,
I mixed up the white ink with some genuine cocaïne (approx. 0,1 gr. per print).

• Printed in a series of 10. (Sold out)

Gianni de Fretes  — Rotterdam 2017

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