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︎ • Rotown Rotterdam - 2012


︎• Another view on sleeping - 2013

A screenprint (A3) created as an ode to  Nas’ 'N.Y. State of Mind'.  
Taken from his 1994 ‘Illmatic’ album, Nas dropped the line 'sleep is the cousin of death'.

A beautiful yet morbid way to look at the dark side of such a natural thing like sleeping.

An experiment with glow in the dark paint on the bottom layer, on which the skull is printed.

When the paint is 'charged' and you turn off the lights, a glowing skull appears in the back.

The top layer contains the phrase 'sleep is the cousin of death', printed in black.

• Printed in a series of 10. (Sold out)


︎ • Gaslab Eindhoven - 2014


︎ • Bird Rotterdam / All Eyes On: - 2012

Los Bangeles on Vimeo.


︎ • The influence of crack cocaïne in the early eighties - 2013

A screenprint (A3) inspired by the documentary 'Planet Rock: The story of Hiphop and the Crack Generation' by VH1. 

A good documentary about the rise of hiphop and (the influence of) crack cocaïne in the early eighties.

In this documentary, the rapper Too Short quotes: 'crack basically funded hiphop' - an interesting summary on drugs and hiphop and their (former) dependence on each other.

I printed the quote on mirrored paper, cocaïne and mirrors pretty much go hand in hand.

To give this print some extra flavour,
I mixed up the white ink with some genuine cocaïne (approx. 0,1 gr. per print).

• Printed in a series of 10. (Sold out)

Gianni de Fretes  — Rotterdam 2017

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